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Health, Habit & Movement Coach​

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Why you're in the right place.

 Creating health in your life is often daunting when you consider the sheer number of tasks and habits you have to remember to do. Getting started is often the hardest step of all!


My sessions will serve you in finding your right fit; to arm you with the tools and understanding to be able to make the choices and build the habits that WILL create positive change in your life. Together we will take a close look at your unique needs, goals and motivation to then create an individualised journey to healthy living.


My education and qualifications afford me understanding of the form and function of the body and mind. Together our work will help you to discover a deeper understanding of your habits and lifestyle, so that we may design a plan for educating and coaching you through building the positive routines that will pave the progress towards your health goals.  

Areas of Expertise.

Movement Rehabilitation & Guidance, Productivity & Healthy Habit Advice, Lifestyle Coaching.

A Coach on call 24/7.

Have your session anywhere, anytime - right here online! Remove your geographical and time barriers to accessing the guidance and support you deserve.

For many people online is a fantastic means of best return on investment. You get a thorough evaluation done through intake forms & videos, a customized program and coaching, and regular communication with me for the price of what many coaches/therapists would charge for just a few sessions! We will journey together towards a life of better health habits, from the comfort of your home

Simple. Convenient. Effective. Freeing.

Matt Hurley

Health, Habit & Movement Coach

Thank you for your interest!