Just one thing...

If you had to think of one of the smallest, easiest things you could do right now to change your health for the better, what would it be?

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For some time, I have battled back and forth with the challenges of bettering myself, both mentally and physically. In many cases I think I have stumbled upon a winning formula for success in my healthy lifestyle endeavours –

“It’s easy, I just do A, B, C, D… all of the things that will make me feel 1000x better…”

Only to slip up, back and down into my old ways.

Finding that thing, anew!

I recently attended a creative retreat that focussed in on finding your passion and creative outlets, and how to express them to the world. It was four days of self-exploration, learning and teaching, as I was the facilitator of movement workshops that helped with getting the physical flow going. It brought me great joy to show other people the freedom that comes with movement play and exploration. However, it was another lesson I was taught in the final hours of the final day that really stuck out to me. I was able to really hammer down and hone in on a skill that would prove fruitful in my quest to be a healthier human. And it really was a very small, and easy skill to employ… I was shown something I had previously come to learn of, and to some extent worked into my daily life for a time, but dropped the ball and lost motivation to continue with as I had not kept up the crucial step. In this rekindling of a concept I have come to love I was able to get back on the bandwagon, and steer onwards and upwards in my pursuit of healthier living. It really is simple!

Why do we fall?

The biggest hurdle, and reason for falling from the bandwagon is, often, that we are biting off more than we can chew. We plan out an mammoth and highly over-estimated goal, with no clear steps to the end point. We see a fitness model or athlete and equate their success as rapid results that you can achieve too if you just do what they do… But we are not that athlete, and we do not see the hours and even years that go into making that person.

A lesson well learntThe lesson I was retold, for the better, is simple, and more effective than any I have come to employ: do the smallest, easiest thing that moves you just one step closer to your health goal.

Take the first step and worry about the next only when you have taken that first.

So, what is the smallest, easiest thing you can do right now to change your health for the better?

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