Meet Matt - Making Movement More Accessible

Movement Specialist | Habit Creation Enthusiast | Positive Mindset Reinforcer | Health Coach

Accredited Exercise Physiologist in sunny North Queensland, Australia.

Movement Motivation = Doggos <3

I am passionate about movement and assisting others to feel the joy of freedom through improved mobility, health and wellbeing. Why? Well I've actually struggled to answer this question until recently...


I grew up playing it safe: average grades in school, a small group of friends, and a couple of recreational sports (Soccer, AFL). I never really pushed my boundaries and found the edge of my comfort zone. As I was nearing the end of my schooling days I started to contemplate where I was headed, what would I do. Fear of failing held me down like a chain and ball, I didn't want to end up without a career. But I had no idea what I wanted that career to be.

I was introduced to form of movement and creative expression in my final year of school thanks to a friend. Capoeira - the Brazilian dance-fighting artform was something I'd heard of and it intrigued me enough to unclasp the fear of failing; to step out of my comfort zone and just try it. Enjoying the expressive and playful nature of this sport I came to find bliss and comraderie I have not been able to recreate alone. But I was still pressed to make a decision on where to from School. The fear remained, looming like a dark cloud.

Fast forward to my university studies - I played it safe, started in Computer Science, but quickly dropped out after a slap on the wrist - it was not for me, though I'd followed the path of tech all throughout school.

What was I going to do then? I hadn't learnt much about anything else...


Taking what I'd come to know and love in Capoeira I jumped over the fence into studying the human body; it's form and function under physical activity. My passion for movement play expanded and grew into a deep curiosity of different movement modalities, and I ended up continuing my study into chronic disease and illness as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist - servicing people with disease, disability and injury to get them back to living a life they enjoy through (you guessed it) MOVEMENT.

That fear of failing, missing out, playing it safe and being comfortable ALL began to decompress and fade - I had found something I was so deeply enthralled by and passionate about I couldn't help but be curious and jump in the deep end.

Movement play doesn't have to be cartwheels. They are cool though!

From my time learning the art of Capoeira and exploring other movement methodologies I have grown a strong interest in movement play, body awareness, and mindfulness – to gather a greater appreciation for the capabilities of the body, and how to restore activity that may seem lost. As a result I continue to learn and grow a wider understanding of movement and mindset methodologies; from theory to practice.

Movement Matt was born of the passion and enthusiasm for sharing movement with other people. To provide a safe environment to learn and explore, grow and recover from what may have once seemed a means to an end.

Why? Because, at my core I love to bring joy and freedom to the lives of others - contributing and collaborating; sharing and connecting with other humans on this Earth as we move through our lives.

My mission is selfish in that way - a fulfilling and healthy life, to me, is one of service and compassion; of creative expression and education. It is relationships that are grown and nurtured by connection through movement, motivation and mindfullness.

I hope that you will e